Company history since 1954

Company foundation by Heinz Struck
Manufacture of residential and interior lighting in a small production studio in Bergheim/Westphalia
Production of new products for the brewery industry
Development of the legendary copper pendant luminaire 010/305A, the most sold brewery advertising luminaire for indoor use in the last 35 years
First series production of illuminated advertising elements for outdoor use Building of a new production facility with 1,000 m² production area in Steinheim
After the founder of the company, Heinz Struck, died in a traffic accident, the business is continued by his wife Käte Struck
Expansion through discovery of new markets: Introduction of innovative production processes required enlargement of the existing manufacturing area by 3,000 m²
Markus Struck, the son of the company founder, took over the management of the company
Development of the Polish market and construction of a new production facility in Ostrowiec/Poland
Growing order volume and expansions in the production-technical area led to the acquisition of a manufacturing and storage building with 7,000 m² ground space at today's location
Participation in the company Quattro Werbetechnik in Herten/NRW, a service provider for project handling and installations all over Germany
Participation in the company WVG-Alu-tec in Breuna/Hessen, a producer of cast aluminium elements, among others for the furniture and automotive industry, which took over the in-house production of advertising lights
Struck celebrates its 50th company anniversary
Equipment of 1,500 market partners of the RWE Systems AG
New outdoor advertising for the FIFA World Cup for 5,000 Premiere sports bars: 600 footballs produced by Struck lighted up on Telekom telephone boxes in all World Cup cities
New full air-conditioned screen printing building on 1,000 m² at the Steinheim location
Expansion of the service division: Foundation of the 100% subsidiary ST-Service for professional project management and logistics
Development of an LED panel construction system for the international trade fair appearances of Phoenix Contact
Conversion of approx. 4,000 branches of Toto Lotto GmbH in Baden-Württemberg to the new CI
Complete support of the Generali insurance company in the area of project management
Development of new display lights, especially for the toy and automotive supply industry, which successfully went into series production
Production of 15,500 light boxes within two months for the broadcaster Sky for Germany and Austria; conversion of the sports bars by ST-Service in the shortest possible time
Citizen's Award of the District Höxter for Markus Struck for being a socially minded entrepreneur
New outdoor advertising concept for the automotive supplier Hella AG as well as for the company Kärcher
New construction of a 1,500 m² factory building for the production and storage of vacuum-formed plastic elements
Production of more than 4,000 West-Lotto cones and conversion of all West-Lotto stores in NRW to the new design within eight weeks
New design of the facade of the Struck headquarter
Development, production and handling of a new outdoor advertising line for the insurance company DEVK
5,000 soccer half-shells were printed and vacuum formed for the Bitburger Brewery Group for the FIFA World Cup
Conversion of the insurance company Generali
Worldwide export of Struck products for the brand Guinness
SEDEX Certification according to SMETA guidelines
Struck started with new corporate design
Takeover of the company Quattro in Herten by ST-Service GmbH & Co. KG
Acquisition of a 5-axis milling machine for the plastics sector to process complex, thermoformed parts
Redesign of the outdoor advertising for the König Brewery
Design of shop-in-shop systems for the customer LEGO and Zurich insurance with Europe-wide project planning through our ST-Service
Full refurbishment of our Herten site with new showroom as well as expansion of the machine park for the production of single letters
New developed business and modernisation of advertising for the Veltins brewery
Acquisition of new business and redesign of the outdoor and indoor advertising for the clients Stihl, S'Oliver and Continental
First registration of short-time work in the company's history due to Corona
Project planning of a solar-based outdoor advertising for the client CEWE
Takeover of the former Bernhard Rieks Metallbau company, which continues as Struck Metallverarbeitung under the Struck umbrella and is upgraded through the new acquisition of laser technology
New design of the outdoor advertising for the Köstritzer brewery
Certification on sustainable entrepreneurial behaviour in relation to people and nature by the Association of the Common Good Economy
Hannah Struck, daughter of the company owner, joins the company as successor
Extending the district heating network of a biogas plant operated by a local farmer, which has been in place for 10 years, to all company buildings
Production and project planning of outdoor advertising for the client Enterprise