Within a few days eight internship places for a day concerning the theme "Insights in the world of light advertising" on the Girls`Day/Boys´Day have been assigned. Struck enabled these offers in corporation with the district of Höxter through a booking portal.

After a short welcome by the company manager the pupils of the eight class were lead through the company in Steinheim by Cornelia Struck.

The young people were fascinated by thermoformed processes, production of displays and cardboard boxes and the wide dimensions of the storage halls.

The pupils were informed about in which kind of future-orientated, creative and technical jobs Struck qualifies their trainees while walking throuhg the departments of art design, foil labeling, sceen printing and Struck service. Trainees and instructors explained their tasks to the pupils for an hour each or showed them what they have to wolk at.

"We hope that we motivated the pupils with this day for our professionel teachings as wholesale and foreign trade merchant, media technologist screen printing, media designer digital and print, as well as signs and lighting manufacturer advertising and are looking forward to deepen the contacts", says Cornelia Struck.