Perfect branding for shops and branches

Perfect branding for shops and branches

A shop’s exclusivity should already be obvious from its facade. The illuminated advertising system has the task of maximising a brand’s appeal here. For insurance branches, in contrast, recognition and conspicuousness as well as modularity for different facade sizes is what especially counts.

Ensuring your brand is well received everywhere

A good outdoor advertising concept can also react flexibly to building-specific parameters and leave a convincing impression in any situation.

Long-lasting visibility

Advertising campaigns have an expected average life of ten to fifteen years. Your illuminated advertising system must reliably retain its high-quality appearance and function during this period. This requires high-quality workmanship as well as simple installation and maintenance, because time is money here.

With Struck you are on the safe side in all respects. You get a high-quality, customised solution that optimally showcases your brand or company over the entire operating period.