Honor to whom honor is due!

from left: Marc Obermann, Jochen Urhahn, Dirk Neumann, Margit Fricke, Annette Jarosch, Christoph Schröder, Julia Struk, Sarah Lohr, Valeri Schroh, Thomas Lödige and Markus Struck;

Missing: Vitali Eppinger


During a small ceremony at the Struck company, long-serving employees* were honored on the occasion of their service anniversaries.

"We are proud of our well-trained, loyal staff, who have been highly motivated and committed to the company for decades. They have experienced ups and downs and remained loyal to the company," Markus Struck pointed out on the occasion of the honor.

In his speech of thanks, he reminded those honored, also on behalf of the Managing Director of Struck-Service GmbH & Co.KG Marc Obermann, that the know-how they had acquired was a valuable asset. It is also important to pass on this wealth of experience to younger colleagues and to exemplify the values they live by. These include customer relationships based on trust as an essential foundation of the business model, as well as team spirit and collegiality.

The following were honored for their loyalty to the company

    10 years: Margit Fricke, Sarah Lohr, Christoph Schröder
    15 years: Julia Struk, Thomas Lödige
    20 years: Dirk Neumann, Jochen Urhahn
    25 years: Vitali Eppinger, Valeri Schroh
    30 years: Annette Jarosch