Struck honors 10 loyal employees at the locations in Steinheim and Herten

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Photos above from left to right: Kerstin Krüger and André May with Marc Obermann, Daniela Nübel, Andreas Funk  and Helene Lichtner with Markus Struck

Photos below from left to right: Sergej Skorjakin, Johannes Tölle, Petra Heye, Michael Schriegel and Valeri Schroh with Markus Struck

Missing: Susanne Rösemeier-Schlicht


Due to the corona pandemic, it was unfortunately not possible to pay tribute to the loyal employees of the Struck Lichtwerbung like it is usual at the annual end-of-year party.

The managing directors Markus Struck and Marc Obermann thanked each one of the jubilees in a small personal celebration at the respective locations in Steinheim and Herten for the long-term and trusting cooperation and seniority.

“The only real test of loyalty is loyalty in a crisis. Especially in difficult economic times, it is a good sign when employees have been with a company for so long. This shows the good team spirit that prevails in a company."

With these words, Struck honored the commendable commitment of each individual jubilee to the company. He praised her commitment far beyond the essentials and praised her high level of motivation and creativity.


Kerstin Krüger, André May and Daniela Nübel have been with the company for 10 years.

Andreas Funk, Helene Lichtner and Susanne Rösemeier-Schlicht have been with the Struck company for 20 years.

Sergej Skorjakin and Johannes Tölle have been working in the Steinheim factory for 25 years.

Petra Heye has been committed to the company for 30 years.

Michael Schriegel has been actively involved in the company for 45 years. His field of activity is financial accounting and technical purchasing, in which he has been a strong support for the executive suite since his training at the Struck company.

Valeri Schroh said goodbye to his well-deserved retirement after almost 25 years in the company.