We say "Thank You"!

from left: Hannah Struck, Cornelia Struck, Simon Schrader, Stephan Topp, Nicole Scholz, Markus Struck und Meinolf Siebrecht;

Missing: Ralf Zender, Marc Obermann


This year's traditional Christmas party at Struck-Lichtwerbung was also a day to say "thank you".

In doing so, a heartfelt "thank you" from company boss Markus Struck went to 6 long-serving employees* who have put their expertise, team spirit and commitment to work for the benefit of customers over many years.

"Through your reliability and loyalty to the company, you give the company a face. Mastering times like these only succeeds so well because there are dedicated employees like you!" emphasized Markus Struck. "We thank you for your loyalty and your valuable work and look forward to the coming years with you!"

The following were honored for their loyalty to the company:

  • 10 years:              Simon Schrader
  • 15 years:              Ralf Zender
  • 20 years:              Marc Obermann
  • 25 years:              Stephan Topp
  • 30 years:              Nicole Scholz, Meinolf Siebrecht